Duathlon in Canada has developed into a strong and vibrant community of incredible athletes, and this is a place to foster that community. On this page, you will be able to keep up with the news, races and athletes of our fantastic sport, as well as pick up training, nutrition, equipment and any other tip we can get our hands on!

Start Line
(Photo: Brad Reiter)

Planned regular features include:


Commentaries on current events in the duathlon community will be posted in this space. Acceptable subject matter is universal, but content should be duathlon focused and is moderated to ensure compliance with the goals of this blog.


Thinking about doing a race? Can’t make it to a race but you want to know who to root for from home? For as many races as we can get content for, we will tell you what to expect from it!


What better way to make mornings fly by than catching up on all the duathlon action from the weekend? Keep up with your friends and rivals and relive the action by reading our recaps, posted most Tuesday evenings!


This category is for anything to do with individuals who are doing great things in duathlon. It may be a “Where Are They Now?” about a duathlete of the past, a training week in the life, or just an interview with someone super interesting who is making our sport better!

We hope that our regular features can provide duathletes with some valuable information and serve as a jumping-off point for more content. And we will always be on the lookout for content, so if you have anything to add to this blog, email us with it and it will have a fair shot of getting posted by our amazing moderators:



Jesse Bauer
Jesse began racing duathlons in 2012. Nowadays, the 2015 Canadian Duathlon champ lives in Edmonton and trains with the Edmonton Triathlon Academy.
Follow Jesse on Twitter!


Larry Bradley
Larry found the sport of duathlon in 2006. Although he did not own a bike, he circled the date of his first du on the calendar. He is now a proud duathlon AG’er looking to keep up with the elites of the sport.
Follow Larry on Twitter!

Please feel free to contact us at duathloncentral@gmail.com if you wish to reach us or use any of our content. We will make sure the message is forwarded to the author of the article in a timely manner.

We can also be reached via Twitter using the handle @du_enthusiasts or via our Contact Us/Submissions page.


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