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We at Duathlon Central have been working hard to help promote the sport of duathlon in Ontario. We have been a little quiet the last week or so, but I know that Larry is busy scaring up interest from outside of Ontario for Nationals at the Toronto Triathlon Festival, and I have been hard at work digging up what I hope will be useful information for our Iron Hawk race preview. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far by viewing and using our site! We are up to over 700 views and our Twitter account has just reached 100 followers. We hope that you have been able to use our resources effectively so far, and that you will continue to do so as the season ramps up.

We are still looking for our first crowd-sourced content, as we would love to see this site turn into a collection of articles, reviews and rants from duathletes of all areas. So please, if you put something together that you think may be useful, submit it to us! Subject matter that we would love to get an insider report on includes (but is not limited to):

  • Tips for new duathletes just getting started in the sport
  • A regional season preview/review from the southwest region (Windsor/Sarnia/London)
  • A regional season preview/review from the east region (Ottawa/Kingston)
  • A season preview/review of the women’s side of the sport
  • Training tips, training tips, and more training tips!

Send us an email to duathloncentral@gmail.com if you wish to become our correspondent for one of the above subject areas! You will have the honour of having your work posted on Duathlon Central, and we will also give you a picture and bio on the home page!

While we have your attention, make sure you register as soon as you can for your 2014 races. There are lots of great options for duathletes this year, including the first big test of the season at the Provincial Sprint Duathlon Championships at Iron Hawk in Harrow. So far there are 49 registered in the Sprint Duathlon and another 36 registered in the Do-A-Du. Tomorrow is also the last day for the early bird rate for the Toronto Triathlon Festival. After tomorrow, the registration cost is set to increase, so get your registration in today. Make sure you don’t sleep on this great opportunity! Below are all the links to the registration page, which can also be found in our Schedule & Results:

I hope everyone is as excited as we are to kick duathlon season into full gear!


Where Are They Now? – Zach Steinman

Interview and article by Larry Bradley

When you look through results pages of local duathlon races, you will notice a lot of familiar names filling the sheets year after year. For many of us, duathlon and triathlon are lifestyles that we stumble onto by accident. We challenge ourselves to try it once to test the waters, then the fire is lit and a passion is born.

For me, it was in the fall of 2006. Coming from a very small town in Ontario, I had no idea duathlon even existed and thought triathlon was only reserved for Olympic heroes played out in tropical locations. That all changed the day I was clicking through the internet, searching for a running race to drive a future fitness goal. My search uncovered these mysterious sports available to the general public as a recreational outlet.

With most of the other options at the time being half or full marathons, I decided to give the 2k run, 20k bike, 5k run a shot and registered for Guelph Lakes 2. It was at this race I first saw Zach Steinman in action. He was leading the charge along the rolling, park path and pulling the field through the Guelph Lake Conservation area at speeds I could not imagine. I was amazed that we were all running this hard with a bike ride, and another run, ahead of us.

Zach Steinman
Zach Steinman

As I suffered through a Sunday cruise on the back roads of Wellington Country, the leaders hammered their aerodynamic space ships at breakneck speeds. At the end of the day, Zach was sitting second on the podium and I had been humbled once again in my pursuit of weekend warrior status.

Thinking back to those first few years, I fondly remember many of the people that influenced and inspired me to continue in the sport. Thankfully, a number of them are still pushing their bodies to run, bike and run summer after summer. Others, like Mr. Steinman, have moved on to other pursuits to explore new fitness outlets.

I often see their achievements and training logs on results pages and social media so thought it would be fun to share some of their current thoughts with the DuathlonCentral.com viewers. Recently, I caught up with Zach over the web from his home in Nova Scotia and picked his brain about his duathlon days. Enjoy!

LB: Just before you moved to Eastern Canada, you stopped competing in duathlons and switched your focus to cycling. What was the biggest influence in your change of sports?

ZS: As you know running is a lot harder on the body than cycling, I decided to give my body a rest from the pounding of running. I also had plateaued as far as my running speed was concerned and decided to concentrate on getting faster on the bike.

On the run
On the run

LB: What was your most memorable Duathlon moment?

ZS: I’d have to say taking the overall win in the Niagara on the Lake Duathlon (2007 -2008). My Father was there to see me take the win and help take a couple pros off the podium. A not so young, but up and coming, David Frake took second that day 😉

LB: You came back to duathlon in 2012 and represented Canada at the World Championships as an Age Group athlete. What brought you back after your hiatus?

ZS: I wasn’t in the best running shape but decided to jump in one of the races out here which happened to be a world qualifier. My bike split got me a substantial gap after the second transition and muscle memory kept me together enough to win the age category. After we discovered I had qualified for worlds my wife and I decided to use it as a bit of an “active” vacation.

Leading the way
Leading the way

LB: From your duathlon races out in Nova Scotia, what were the biggest differences between the Ontario scene?

ZS: I’ve only done a few Duathlons here in Nova Scotia but much like the cycling scene here the numbers of participants are lower but the quality and drive of the participants is top notch.

LB: Is there one tip you would give to the newer duathletes entering the sport?

ZS: Quality workouts over quantity of workouts. All the best.

If you’re ever in the area, make sure you check out Zach’s bike shop, Bicycles Plus!

Zach laying down the watts
Zach laying down the watts

How to Use Duathloncentral.com – Part 1

In preparation for the release of the first of many features that will be brought to you in this space, please enjoy the first installment a series of how-to features for what we hope will end up being a dynamic and invaluable resource for duathletes. As the season progresses, we will be rolling out more features for you to enjoy, and periodically they will be accompanied by resources outlining how to get the best use out of them. In this installment, we will outline how to best navigate the site, guidelines for submitting an article or feature, and how to get the most out of our Schedule & Results. We hope this guide will be helpful and allow you to use this resource to suit all of your duathlon related needs!

Duathlon Central offers several ways for you to navigate the various features. The navigation menu splashed across the top of the site will allow you to access our various pages. These pages contain anything that will be relatively static and is only likely to be tweaked periodically throughout the season. A good example of this is the Schedule & Results page. Over the course of the season, this page will be updated with links to results and new races that are made available, but the general structure will remain the same.

Clicking the Articles tab will take you to the blogroll portion of the site, which will house all articles and features that are posted to duathloncentral.com. Since the Articles tab will allow you to scroll through ALL submissions, the menu on the left-hand side allows you to zero in on certain articles or features. Each submission will be categorized according to content and whether or not it is part of a feature series, and each populated category will have its own link in this left menu. To browse a series of posts, simply click that category’s link and browse away! All posts will also be announced on Twitter and Facebook and all recent posts are displayed to the right of every page (beneath the Twitter feed)…so keep your eyes peeled for updates there. If all else fails, you may also make sure of our Serach bar at the top left of every page…perhaps if you REALLY need to find that one article that you were mentioned in to show all your friends! Click the picture below for a visual.

Navigation (click for larger image)

Of course, a large part of the reason for the creation of this site is the give ALL duathletes a place to make a contribution to the sport, not just the select few with site administrative powers. It is a designed to be a place for duathletes to share the knowledge and passion that we have for the sport with the rest of the community. The vision for this site was to create a place where knowledge and advice about the sport from all corners of the community can accumulate, so that duathletes young and old can use it to pursue their own goals. Submissions will be the lifeblood of this site, so please feel free to submit your articles, interviews, race reports, quotes, workouts, equipment and retail shop reviews, or anything else you think the rest of the community can benefit from.

To submit an article, simply select Submit Article in the navigation menu at the top of every page. From there, you may either use the form to submit text, or you can email an attachment directly to us at duathloncentral@gmail.com. The subject matter is up to you, though we do ask that you adhere to the following general guidelines:

  • All content should be duathlon-specific, related to duathlon, or pertaining to duathletes
  • Please keep content to approximately 500 words (maximum 1000 words)
  • Week In The Life posts should be loosely based around the average week in your training plan. You may be as general or specific as you like, and we welcome any deviations from your training towards your life commitments and how you balance this with your training.
  • All content will be moderated upon submission to ensure it is consistent with the goals of this site
Submit Your Article
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Your first and possibly most valuable resource here at duathloncentral.com may well be our Schedule & Results page. This page takes all of the events in Canada and puts them into one convenient place. Though it is by no means comprehensive, it does represent the majority of the events available to duathletes in Canada. Each race has the distance and location listed, and will have a link to the race website where you can learn more about the event before you register. Each line will also be updated to include a link to the results as soon as they become available. So not only will you be able to use this calendar for all your race planning needs, you will also be able to follow the results of races around Canada. We have also highlighted some events from the surrounding regions, including the high profile USAT Duathlon Series in the US.

Our May Schedule (click for larger image)
Our May Schedule (click for larger image)

As noted above, this list is by no means comprehensive. If you would like to point us in the direction of a race we may have missed, head over to the Submission form, email us (duathloncentral@gmail.com), or tweet it to us (@du_enthusiasts).

We will be making all attempts to post dedicated race previews and reviews for the major races in Canada, as well as shorter weekend recaps and “precaps” for smaller race weekends. If you would like to submit a report about a race that will not have a dedicated post, by all means do! We can’t claim to know every race course in Canada, nor will we be at every race around the province (as much as we would like to), and we would love to hear about how things shook out! These reviews should be written primarily from the perspective of the race in general, rather than that of one individual competitor. However, feel free to spice it up with your own thoughts (pending moderator approval), and include a link to your own individual race report/blog to be included at the bottom of the article. We would also be happy to include your blog post at the bottom of each recap, because you just never know when someone else can learn from your experience!

We hope that we are able to put together a great resource for Canadian duathletes with this site. As always, shoot us your suggestions if you have any! We can be reached on Facebook through the Canadian Duathlon Enthusiasts group, or through email/Twitter at the locations mentioned above. Thanks for making us a stop on your tour around the Internet, and good luck to all in the upcoming season!