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Profiles of those presently on the Ontario duathlon scene

Larry’s World (link to article by TJ Flynn)

Larry Bradley is a great friend to duathlon in Canada, and though an unfortunate injury kept him from that elusive Ontario provincial title for one more year, he is still tirelessly doing whatever he can to promote the sport in Canada. Larry unfortunately will not be toeing the line at Nationals in Penticton or Sprint Nationals in Edmonton, but hopefully he can manage to find his way to Montreal on September 10 to punch his ticket to Penticton 2017. One thing you know with Larry is that if he is on the start line, he is there to win!

Here’s a great piece written by Multisport Canada ambassador TJ Flynn on Larry’s season. Larry is back at it and getting ready to return to racing. The rest of the country is getting faster (prime example occurring this weekend in Verdun, a thrilling race that will be recapped on Wednesday), and I have no doubt Larry will be right there. Cheers, my friend!

READ: Larry’s World, by TJ Flynn

(Photo: MultiSport Canada/
(Photo: MultiSport Canada/